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Confused over voltage and power in Maldives Island? Read this article to find some handy information on voltage, current and electricity in Maldives.

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Voltage in Maldives

In this article, we will provide you with information on the power and voltage in Maldives. Talking about the electricity in Maldives, the electrical current is about 230 volts; 50Hz. Different kinds of plugs are used here like the two-pin flat blade plug and the round three-point plug. This country does not experience much of power cuts and also there are fewer variations in the voltage level.

If you take an electronic device that does not accept 230 volts; 50Hz, then you might require a voltage converter. There are distinctive kinds of voltage converters available in Maldives; so according to your need you can choose. The Maldivians make use of the standard European non-grounded socket, like it is done in most parts of the world.