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Kadhaa Maali is a popular folk dance that takes place at the south Thiladhunmathi atoll in Maldives.

Maldives : Music & Dance : Kadhaa Maali Folk Dance

Kadhaa Maali Folk Dance

Kadhaa Maali is a form of traditional music and dance that can be found only in Kulhudhuffushi in the south Thiladhunmathi atoll. From where did this Kadhaa Maali folk dance come from is unknown. To initiate the Kadhaa Maali folk dance of Maldives, a number of drums are beaten. It is accompanied by the beating of an instrument made from copper rod or copper plate named 'Kadhaa'. Read on to know more about Maldives Kadhaamaali folk dance.

While playing music, about 30 men dressed in different costumes dance to the tunes of music. Their garments exhibit various ghostly figures and evil spirits. It is these ghosts or the evil spirits that are addressed as "Maali". When there is any kind of terrible sickness spreading in the island, people do a late night walk to ward off the evil spirits. The walk continues for three nights and it is on the third night that this dance is performed. This dance show also takes place to celebrate the festivities.