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Cuisine of Maldives consists of a wide variety of seafood. Read about the Maldives traditional food.

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Maldives Cuisine

Maldives CuisineBeing an assemblage of several coral islands, it is pretty obvious that Maldives cuisine would consist of a wide variety of seafood. At the initial level, it was basically coconuts and fish that formed part of Maldives traditional food. It can be attributed to the fact that there was limited cultivation. Honey was extracted out of the coconut toddy and used as a replacement of sugar. The cooking style of Maldives is highly influenced by India and Sri Lanka. Read to know more on the cuisine of Maldives

Maldivian staple food includes fish, coconuts, millet, tubers and breadfruit. Exposure to other countries led to the introduction of grains, flour and spices. Gradually, rice and curries became an integral part of Maldivian food. Today, you can find virtually all kinds of foods over here. Maldivian cuisine gives you an opportunity to savor the different mouthwatering dishes with exotic flavors ranging from mild, spicy, hot to sweet.