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Bandiyaa Jehun is a popular folk dance of Maldives Island.

Maldives : Music & Dance : Bandiyaa Jehun Dance

Bandiyaa Jehun Dance

Bandiyaa Jehun Folk Dance MaldivesBandiyaa Jehun is a popular dance form that takes place in the Maldives Island. Though, western pop and Indian music are becoming increasingly popular, but this traditional Bandiyaa Jehun folk dance of Maldives has its own importance. It is like the Indian pot dance, in which the women carrying metal water pots sing and dance to the tune of music. While singing, they tap the pots with their finger rings. Read on to know more about the Maldives Bandiyaa Jehun folk dance.

There is no specific dress for the performers, but definitely they all dress up in uniformity. Usually, women wear a long skirt and a blouse called 'Dhigu hedhun'. In the present times, many new things have been incorporated like the use of a number of instruments like drum and harmonica. Even as far the music & apparels are concerned, lots of modifications have been made to keep up with the changing trends.