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History of Maldives is very interesting. Read more on history and origin of Maldives Islands.

Maldives : Maldives History

Maldives History

In this article, we will provide you with information on the origin & history of Maldives. The history of Maldives is very interesting. The spread of Islam to the countries of West Asia and Persia led the Arabs to take over the maritime trade of the Persians. During that time, the Persians were busy establishing links with South and South East Asia. By the tenth century, the Arabs had made their settlements on the Malabar Coast of India. Read to know more about the Maldives history.

The Persians then headed towards extending their influence to the Maldives. Eventually, the Arabs established their colonial rule over the Maldivians and in the mid twelfth century, Islam became the main religion of the people. In 1153 AD, Maldivian government got converted into a Sultanate. From the period between 1558-1573, Maldives was under the rule of the Portuguese. The Portuguese were not ready to leave the country, but were driven out by Muhammad Thakurufaan; a guerrilla leader. The day this incident happened is celebrated as the national day. The rule of Sultans ended in the year 1932 and thereafter Maldives was declared a republic.