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Here is provided information on the folk music and dances of Maldives. Check out the Maldives traditional music & dance.

Maldives : Maldives Music and Dance

Maldives Music and Dance

Maldives is not just admired for its beauty but also it is known for its fabulous dances and music. When it comes to music and entertainment, this gorgeous island has so much to offer. In this section, we will provide you with information on the Maldives music and dance. We will brief you on the prominent forms of folk dances and music of Maldives.

Popular Maldives Traditional Music & Dances

Bodu Beru
Bodu beru is one of the most popular forms of folk music and dance that is found in the inhabited islands of Maldives. People of all age groups participate enthusiastically in Bodu Beru folk music.

Bandiyaa Jehun
Bandiyaa Jehun is a popular dance form that takes place in the Maldives Island. Though, western pop and Indian music are becoming increasingly popular, but this traditional Bandiyaa Jehun folk dance of Maldives has its own importance.

Bolimalaafath Neshu
Bolimalaafath Neshun is a famous folk dance of Maldives. This dance performance is carried out by women. It depicts the old tradition, when women used to offer presents to the Sultan on special festive occasions like the Eid festival.

Dhandi Jehun
Dhandi Jehun is a popular dance form of the beautiful islands of Maldives. The style in which the Maldives Dhandi Jehun folk dance is performed varies from island to island. A group of 30 men participate in this dance.

Fathigandu Jehun
Fathigandu Jehun is a popular form of folk music, in which only men can participate. It is basically a stage music show that usually takes place in the evening time. More…

Gao Odi Lava
Gaa Odi Lava is a popular folk music and dance performance that is carried out by people as a means to express their satisfaction on having completed a hard manual work.

Kadhaa Maali
Kadhaa Maali is a form of traditional music and dance that can be found only in Kulhudhuffushi in the south Thiladhunmathi atoll. From where did this Kadhaa Maali folk dance come from is unknown.

Langiri is a folk performance of Maldives, the origin of which can be traced back in the early 20th century during the rule of Sultan Shamsuddin III. It is basically the Thaara performance that was modified by people to suit their taste that gave rise to the Langiri performance of today.

Thaara is a popular form of folk music performed in Maldives. The credit for its introduction in the Maldives goes to the Gulf Arabs, who visited this beautiful island in the mid 17th century.