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Langiri folk music & dance of Maldives is performed in the evening stage show to entertain the people.

Maldives : Music & Dance : Langiri Folk Music

Langiri Folk Music

Langiri is a folk performance of Maldives, the origin of which can be traced back in the early 20th century during the rule of Sultan Shamsuddin III. It is basically the Thaara performance that was modified by people to suit their taste that gave rise to the Langiri performance of today. Maldives Langiri folk dance and music usually takes place as an evening stage show to entertain the people. Read to know more about the Langiri folk music of Maldives.

In the Langiri folk music, the dancers hold two beautifully decorated sticks in their hands. These sticks are about 2 feet long and are known as "Langiri Dhandi". The performers sit in two parallel rows and lift their bodies with their waist up. Simultaneously, they keep clapping the Langiri Dhandi in different styles. In this folk dance, each participant hits the six Langiri Dhandi belonging to his three neighbors seated in the front row. Usually, the Langiri show consists of six to seven songs.