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Male city is the capital of Maldives. Find more on tourism and travel in Male travel guide.

Maldives : Male


Male city of Maldives is the hub of commercial trade and this explains the reason why it is the busiest place of the country. Being the capital city, it serves as the seat for the Government of Maldives. Covering an area of about 1.77 square Km, it is one of the most populous islands of Maldives. Earlier, it was known as the Sultan's island.

The tradition of Maldivians of keeping their place clean is followed even in the urban city of Male. Male houses most of the tourist attraction spots of Maldives. To name a few, we have the national museum, Sultan Park, Grand Friday mosque, artificial beach, fish market etc. The view of the Male city is simply breathtaking. Read on to know more about Male, the capital of Maldives…

The Male city of Maldives is a delight for shoppers, as it provides the tourists & locals with a wide variety of shopping items to choose from. You can find almost anything over here ranging from souvenirs, handicraft items, garments and cosmetics to electronic gadgets. The reservoir of shopping places in Male is pretty big. Apart from the local market, the other two markets that you can visit are Majeedhee Magu and Chaandanee Magu.

The Male Island of Sultans is one of the most sought after tourist attraction destinations in Maldives. The place is well equipped with all the modern facilities. It has innumerable places to eat that will provide you with real mouth watering food. Apart from the tea shops, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants that offer different kinds of cuisines, apart from the Island food. So, eating out is not a problem in Male, Maldives.

An interesting thing about the Male city is that, most of the houses out here have very attractive names like the night flower, lovers' paradise and so on. Male has unfortunately no beaches, so an artificial beach has been constructed over there, which is bordered by lush green forests. People flock there during mornings and evenings for carrying out fitness activities and to refresh themselves. The scene of the beach is especially pleasant during the sunset.