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Fathigandu Jehun folk music is basically a stage music show that takes place in Maldives.

Maldives : Music & Dance : Fathigandu Jehun Music

Fathigandu Jehun Music

Fathigandu Jehun is a popular form of folk music, in which only men can participate. It is basically a stage music show that usually takes place in the evening time. In the Fathigandu Jehun folk music of Maldives, each performer holds two bamboo sticks in his hands and beats them, so as to bring out the sound of music. These bamboo sticks are about 6 inches long. While hitting the bamboo sticks against each other, the dancers sway their bodies and dance in rhythm with the music.

The group consists of a drummer, who beats on a tin and initiates the song. The songs that are sung in Maldives Fathigandu Jehun folk music are usually epics. The songs are meaningful and infact narrate different stories. One of the most popular Fathigandu Jehun songs is "Burunee Raivaru" that explains the story of a sultan who had gone in search of a wife.