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Gaa Odi Lava is a popular form of folk music in Maldives. Read about the Gaa Odi Lava folk music of Maldives.

Maldives : Music & Dance : Gaa Odi Lava Folk Music

Gaa Odi Lava Folk Music

Gaa Odi Lava is a popular folk music and dance performance that is carried out by people as a means to express their satisfaction on having completed a hard manual work. The origin of Gaa Odi Lava folk music of Maldives can be traced back during the reign of Sultan Mohamed Imadudeen I (1620-1648AD). Read on to know more about the Maldives Gaa Odi Lava folk music.

In order to defend Male, the capital city of Maldives, the Sultan decided to build a break water around the island. To accomplish the goal, he divided his workforce into various "odi" or vessels to carry the coral stones from the various reefs. On completion of the task, each worker ceremonially visited the Sultan. To express their happiness, these workmen sang songs and danced to the tune of music and this is how the concept of Gaa (stones) Odi (vessels) was born.