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The fish market of Maldives is the hub of commercial activities. Read about the Male fish market.

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Male Fish Market Maldives

Location: Located on the northern waterfront of Male'
Significance: Main commercial center of Male
Highlights: Shops offer a fabulous variety of products gathered from various atolls

Male Fish Market MaldivesOne of the major tourist attraction spots in Maldives is the Male fish market. Being the hub of commercial activities, Maldives fish market is a place that is always overcrowded with people. The shops over here are stocked with a wide variety of products. It is here in the fish market of Maldives that dhonis from different parts of the country unload the dried fish, fresh fruits and vegetables collected from the various atolls.

The pace of activities picks up during the mid-afternoon, when fishing dhonis come back with their day's catch. Fish catch, mainly consisting of the tuna fish, is taken across the road to the open-sided market, where they are laid out on the tiled floors. The moment these fishes are displayed, they are bought by the locals. The fish market is kept very clean and washed each day.