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Male experiences monsoonal climatic conditions throughout the year. Read about the weather & climate of Male.

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Male Weather

Male WeatherMale, the capital city of Maldives lies on the equator and therefore experiences monsoon climate all round the year. The days are usually sunny with frequent showers. Weather in Male is mostly pleasant with slight downpour. The temperature ranges from 23 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. Average annual rainfall is about 1525 mm. The place is blessed with rainfall during the period between May and November.

Talking about the Male climatic conditions, the city enjoys a lovely weather due to the outer coral reefs that envelop the islands of Maldives. Made up of coral debris and coral walls, the reefs bar the entry of ocean waves into Male. The wonderful weather & climate of Male allows you to undertake long walks and savor the nature's beauty. The weather is just apt for pursuing various adventurous sports like scuba diving, wind surfing, parasailing, fishing and many more.