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This is a short write up on Maldives postal services. Look out for more information on post offices in Maldives.

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Maldives Post Offices

In this article, we will provide you with information on the Maldives post offices. Maldives postal services were almost nil, until the establishment of Maldives Post Limited (MPL) in 1994. It is owned by the Maldivian government. It was set for the purpose of providing postal communication services ranging from letters and parcel mails to express delivery services, financial and agency services etc.

MPL is playing the role of a public postal service operator, who is handed the responsibility of providing domestic and international postal services to the people. To meet the growing needs of customers, network expansion is taking place. To cater to the basic postal needs, a nationwide operation was launched by the opening of an Agency Post Office (APO) on every inhabited island.

Maldives is served by the General Post Office (GPO), which has its office in the MPL Headquarters in Male. Apart from that, today, there are about 215 agency post offices and 9 regional post offices in Maldives. The initiation of postal services in Maldives also lead to the setting up of the international Postal Link with a couple of countries on bilateral basis. After having obtained membership in Universal Postal Union (UPU), its scope has been widened to include all the UPU member countries.