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Here are some health safety precautions for Maldives travelers. Check out the Maldives travel health tips.

Health Precautions for Maldives Travelers

Health Precautions for Maldives TravelersWhile planning to visit the beautiful Maldives Island, make sure you've taken a note of all the health precautions for Maldives travelers.

Maldives Travel Health Tips
  • One of the most important precautions for health safety in Maldives is to avoid drinking tap water, unless and until it has been properly boiled, chemically disinfected or filtered.
  • Do not drink any roadside beverage, especially which is unbottled.
  • Do not eat uncooked foods.
  • Do not consume unpasteurised milk or any other product that is prepared by using unpasteurised milk like an ice cream.
  • Do not buy any kind of eatables from roadside vendors.
  • Avoid eating raw or less cooked meat or fish. There are some particular fishes that contain poisonous biotoxins like red snapper, grouper, amberjack, sea bass etc.
  • For protection from insect bites, cover your body by wearing long sleeve garments, full-length pants and hats. Wear shoes instead of going in for sandals.
  • It is always a good practice to carry adequate supplies of all medications that are required for treating common day-to-day problems.
  • Try to avoid contact with a stray dog or any other animal.
  • While traveling to Maldives, make sure you have taken all the necessary vaccinations required. In case, you are taking your children along on the trip, make sure they have taken all the routine childhood vaccinations.