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The major religion of Maldives is Islam. Read to know about the religions in Maldives.

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Maldives Religions

Maldives ReligionsTalking about the Maldives religions, people out here have a deep faith in Islam and all the people are Sunni Muslims. Therefore, the major religion of Maldives is Islam. People of Maldives are very religious and offer prayers five times a day in the mosque. Maldivians have a strong belief in afterlife and they are of the opinion that it is decided on the basis of deeds, whether the person will go to hell or heaven. Read on to know more about the religions in Maldive

Infact, it is often said that one has to follow the religion of Islam to obtain the citizenship of this land. There is lack of secular legal system over here. This explains the reason why Islam is given so much importance. In most of the inhabited islands, you can find a number of mosques, which form the central place for practicing of Islamism.