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In this travel guide, we will inform you about the important /essential documents for traveling to Maldives.

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Travel Documents for Maldives

Travel Documents for MaldivesIn this article, we will provide you with information on the Maldives travel documents. So, when you are planning your trip to these beautiful islands, don't forget to pack the important documents for Maldives travel.

Essential Documents for Traveling to Maldives

The first and foremost thing is your passport, without which you can't travel abroad. In Maldives, visa is issued to the tourists on their arrival at airport. To obtain visa, there are certain travel documents one needs to furnish, out of which the most essential document is the passport.

Tourist Visa
It is basically an entry ticket for traveling to the islands of Maldives. For obtaining visa, one has to comply with all the statutory formalities.

Photocopies of Important Travel Documents
You must carry the photocopies of all the essential documents required for traveling and staying in Maldives. You should carry the ticket or proof of your onward journey. Take your travel insurance papers along, because they might be required in case of mishap. If you've got the hotel bookings done, then do not forget to take the papers along. It is also a good practice to carry a couple of passport size photos.