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Surfing is an adventurous sport that is very common in Maldives. Read to know about surfing in Maldives.

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Surfing in Maldives

Surfing in MaldivesSurfing in Maldives has been increasingly gaining popularity. There are various surf travel operators who organize the surfing safaris to the outer atolls. If you go about pursuing surfing sport in Maldives, you will have an ultimate experience of visiting the tropical island paradise. The ideal time for surfing is from March to November, when the wind conditions are just apt.

Famous Surf points in Maldives:

A popular surf point in Male in Maldives is Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), which is an uninhabited island. It lies on the eastern reef of North Male.

Another well-known surf point that is worth a visit in Male is Thulusdhoo, Atoll Capital. It is also located on the eastern reef of North Male' Atoll.

Gurus is another popular surf point in Eastern reef of Male', It is sited on Southern tip of North Male' Atoll.

Popular among the youth, Honky's is yet another surf point in Male' in Maldives. Situated in Thamburudhoo, which is an uninhabited island, it lies on the Eastern Reef of North Male' Atoll.