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Know about social customs & traditions of Maldives. It also includes Maldives social conventions.

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Maldives Customs

Maldives CustomsIn this article, we will provide you with information on the customs & traditions of Maldives. When you are planning to visit Maldives, it becomes of prime importance to be aware of Maldives social conventions. Well, Maldivians are very much particular about anti-drug laws that offer severe punishments. As a part of Maldives customs, relationship between homosexuals is not acceptable at all. People who are found guilty are punished with imprisonment and fines.

Alcohol can be consumed only in the resorts of Maldives and not anywhere outside. You can dress up casually, but need to maintain basic decency. While entering the mosque, you have to cover your body properly. Handshake is the most common gesture for greeting people. Tipping is not very common in Maldives. Public observance of religion, other than Islam is strictly prohibited.