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Mulee Aage Palace in Male, the capital of Maldives was built by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. Read about the Mulee Aage Palace.

Mulee Aage Palace

Location: In front of the Friday Mosque
Year of construction: 1906
Constructed by: Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III
Significance: It is the former residence of Sultan that serves as the office of president today

Muleeaage Palace Male MaldivesLocated in front of the Friday mosque, Maldives Mulee Aage palace was built in the year 1906. The credit for its construction goes to the Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. It was before World War I that the Sultan built this palace for his son. However, when the Sultan was overthrown in May 1936, Muleeaage palace of Maldives was officially declared as the government's property.

In 1953, when Maldives became a republic, Mulee Aage palace became the President's Official Residence. It was later in the year 1986 that it was renamed the Presidential Palace. However, in the present times, this colonial style building serves as the office of president, where official meetings are held. This spectacular building with its beautiful white carvings definitely falls into the category of must visit tourist attraction destinations.