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Find useful information on the various tourist attractions and destinations of Maldives.

Maldives : Maldives Tourist Attractions

Maldives Tourist Attractions

In this section, we will provide you with information on the Maldives tourist attraction places. Maldives is a place known for its beautiful atolls. Male, being the hub of commercial trade, is the most happening place in Maldives. Its local markets and the fish market are worth visiting. There is a big reservoir of tourist places in Maldives. So, take out your cameras to click the photos of these picturesque places.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Maldives

Grand Friday Mosque
Grand Friday mosque, Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A "z" zam is the biggest mosque of Maldives. This grand architecture of bygone times was constructed by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656.

National Museum
National museum in Maldives is one of the main tourist attraction destinations of the country. Located in the Sultan Park, which was a part of the Sultan's palace, it is basically a conversion of the old palace building.

Mulee Aage Palace
Located in front of the Friday mosque, Maldives Mulee Aage palace was built in the year 1906. The credit for its construction goes to the Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. It was before World War I that the Sultan built this palace for his son.

Hukuru Miskiiy
Hukuru Miskiiy in Maldives is the oldest mosque of the country that was established in the year 1956. This old Friday mosque was set up during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar I..

Esjehi Art Gallery
Esjehi art gallery in Maldives is located on the east of Sultan Park, in one of the oldest buildings of Maldives.

Artificial Beach
Artificial beach in Maldives provides an opportunity to Maldivians to enjoy a good swim during summers. More…

Jumhoorie Maidan
Located along the northern waterfront in Male, Jumhoorie Maidan in Maldives was set up in the year 1989. More commonly known as the republic square of Maldives, the Jumhoorie Maidan with its green grass and lush vegetation serves as one of the most popular places for social gatherings.

Male Fish Market
One of the major tourist attraction spots in Maldives is the Male fish market. Being the hub of commercial activities, Maldives fish market is a place that is always overcrowded with people.

Beautiful beaches of Maldives
Located on the equator towards the south of Sri Lanka, Maldives is blessed with beaches rich in coconuts and tropical fruits.

Mohammed Thakurufaanu Tomb
Tomb of Mohammad Thakurufaanu in Maldives is a must visit tourist attraction destination. Located in the compound of the Bihuroazu Kamanaa Miskiiy, it has a lot of significance for the people of this country. Mohammad Thakurufaanu tomb in Maldives was built in the memory of Sultan Ghaazee Mohammed Thakurufaanu, a great national hero, who liberated Maldives from the colonial rule of Portuguese. Portuguese established their rule over the country for about 15 years after overthrowing Sultan Ali VI in 1558. It is because of this brave Sultan that the countrymen enjoy their freedom.