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Bolimalaafath Neshun folk dance of Maldives is basically performed by women. Read about the Bolimalaafath Neshun folk dance.

Maldives : Music & Dance : Bolimalaafath Neshun Folk Dance

Bolimalaafath Neshun Folk Dance

Bolimalaafath Neshun is a famous folk dance of Maldives. This dance performance is carried out by women. It depicts the old tradition, when women used to offer presents to the Sultan on special festive occasions like the Eid festival. Usually, the gifts basket consists of the shells that are kept aside in a small beautifully decorated vase called "Kurandi Malaafath". Read on to know more about the Maldives Bolimalaafath Neshun folk dance.

In the Bolimalaafath Neshun folk dance of Maldives, a group of about 24 persons sing and dance to the beats of music. While dancing, they form small groups of two, three, four or even six and step towards the Sultan to present the "Kurandi". The songs act as an expression of their sentiments.

Owing to the change in govt style from monarchy to republic in the year 1968, the old custom of offering gifts ceases to exist. But, the dance performance is still prevalent. Infact, today also, it is one of the most important dances carried out by Maldivian women.