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This page on Maldives Visa contains useful information on Visa requirements for Maldives travelers.

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Maldives Visa

In this article, we will provide you with information on Maldives visa requirements that will tell you on how to obtain visa for Maldives.

Visa Information for Maldives Travelers
For obtaining the visa or the permit for entering into the republic of Maldives, visitors must fulfill the following requirements:
  • They must possess a valid international travel document that is issued by the Government of a Sovereign State.
  • They must have a valid return ticket or onward ticket for the next destination.
  • They must have adequate money that can last till the intended period of stay. The amount must be atleast (US$30 per person per day) or else they must furnish a proof of the confirmed hotel reservation for the total duration of stay.
People who are exempted from the above-mentioned requirements include:
  • Diplomats
  • UN Personnel
  • Persons who are sponsored by people of Maldives.
  • Persons who have confirm bookings in registered tourist resort/hotels etc.
  • Approved persons for employment
  • Technical and other experts attached to the Government
There is no need to obtain prior visa for entering the Maldives. Visa is granted to the visitors on their arrival at the designated ports of entry. Visa is issued for a period of 30 days to all those visitors who meet the statutory requirements. You can get the tourist visa extended by complying with the necessary formalities and paying a fee for of Rf750 (US$77). The extension is granted immediately on arrival of the travelers, provided they furnish all the necessary travel documents.