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Ramadan also called 'Rorda Mas', is an important festival of Maldives. Check out Ramadan celebrations in Maldives.

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Ramadan Festival Maldives

Time of Festival: Ninth month in the Muslim calendar
Highlights: People fast throughout the month of Ramadan

Ramadan, also known as 'Rorda Mas', is one of the most important festivals of Maldivians. It has a lot of religious reverence. According to the Muslim calendar, Maldives Ramadan festival falls in the ninth month. It is basically the Islamic month of fasting, in which the Muslims observe 30 days of fasting. Read to know more about the Ramadan celebrations in Maldives.

Muslims fast during the daytime and owing to this reason, cafes and restaurants are usually closed during the day. Also, the working hours are altered for this month. Ramadan festival of Maldives begins with the occurrence of new moon and also ends with the appearance of the next new moon. Depending upon the lunar cycle, the exact time period of Ramadan varies from year to year.