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Here is some useful information on the luggage /baggage rules in Maldives.

Maldives Luggage Rules

In this article, we will provide you with information on the luggage rules in Maldives. While traveling to Maldives, it is always a good practice to take care of the Maldives baggage rules.

Maldives Luggage Rules
  • Motor vehicles are not included in the category of baggage.
  • Import of cinematography films, which are exposed but not developed are allowed to be brought as a part of luggage. The best part is that, no duty would be imposed on it.
  • Luggage does not consist of firearms and goods of commercial nature.
  • You can bring along primary gold up to ten kgs per passenger and silver up to one hundred kgs per passenger by paying the normal duties in the convertible foreign exchange.
  • It is prohibited to pack any kind of illegal drug or explosive item that can cause a threat.
  • Maldives law does not allow anyone to bring in liquor to Maldives, unless that person has a special import license for liquor, beer and related products.