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Fishing is pursued in Maldives not just for earning livelihood, but also as a sport. Read about Maldives fishing.

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Fishing in Maldives

Fishing in MaldivesFishing in Maldives is not just a favorite pastime activity, but also the lifeline of Maldivians. Fishing is one of the main commercial activities that take place here. Morning fishing is usually referred to as big game fishing, which is carried out by the fishermen for earning their livelihood. Read on to know more about Maldives fishing…

Maldives witnesses distinctive kinds of fishing, but the most popular one is the night fishing. Fishing under the night sky is an absolutely different experience. If you happen to catch a fish, it will not just give you immense satisfaction, but also refresh you completely. Night fishing is increasingly gaining popularity amongst the tourists.

For carrying out fishing sport in Maldives, the best time is either during sunrise or sunset. In the morning, when the sun rises lending beautiful reddish golden color to the sky, it makes you feel as if you are in the paradise. The water looks beautiful with the reflections of sun. One can easily trap the sharks, sailfish, marlin and the famous skipjack of Maldives. These days, most of the hotel resorts conduct fishing trips.