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The culture of Maldives Island reflects a blend of many distinctive cultures. Read to know more about Maldives culture.

Maldives : Maldives Culture

Maldives Culture

It is difficult to define the culture of Maldives Island, as it reflects a blend of the many cultures that were brought by the seafarers, who settled in Maldives. The main religion followed here is Islam and people of Maldives are mostly Sunni Muslims.

Dhivehi is the main language spoken here and it is said to have originated from Sanskrit. As the time is passing by, more and more Arabian and English words are being incorporated in the vocabulary of Dhivehi language. Read on to know more about the Maldives culture

As far as the family life is concerned, men play the role of a bread earner and women take care of the house and kids. Maldivians are very hospitable and give a warm welcome to the visitors to their country. Their community is very close knit and people are very helpful.

The architectural styles of their tombs and mosques exhibit the superb craftsmanship of Maldivians. People out here are very artistic and spend time in craft making. The beautiful Maldives is also famous for its exquisite craft products like lacquer work and woven mats etc. People also participate enthusiastically in folk music and dance performances. Today, Maldives boasts off its rich cultural heritage.

Maldives Cuisine
Being an assemblage of several coral islands, it is pretty obvious that Maldives cuisine would consist of a wide variety of seafood. At the initial level, it was basically coconuts and fish that formed part of Maldives traditional food. It can be attributed to the fact that there was limited cultivation. Honey was extracted out of the coconut toddy and used as a replacement of sugar. The cooking style of Maldives is highly influenced by India and Sri Lanka. Read to know more on the cuisine of Maldives

Maldives Religions
Talking about the Maldives religions, people out here have a deep faith in Islam and all the people are Sunni Muslims. Therefore, the major religion of Maldives is Islam. People of Maldives are very religious and offer prayers five times a day in the mosque. Maldivians have a strong belief in afterlife and they are of the opinion that it is decided on the basis of deeds, whether the person will go to hell or heaven. Read on to know more about the religions in Maldive

Maldives Languages
Talking about the Maldives languages, Dhivehi is the main language spoken in Maldives. The language is widely used for conversing with people. Since, it involves the use of many English, Hindi and Arabic words, it seems to resemble various languages spoken in Sri Lanka, South East Asia and North India. Read on to know more about the common languages of Maldives

Maldives People
People of Maldives Island are very warm and friendly. They have a strong faith in Islam. Highly spiritual and dedicated, Maldives people have a great respect towards each other and outside visitors. Maldivians reflect a blend of tradition and modernity. Intelligent and hardworking, they have been making significant contributions in the economy of the nation.

Maldives Music and Dance
Maldives is not just admired for its beauty but also it is known for its fabulous dances and music. When it comes to music and entertainment, this gorgeous island has so much to offer. In this section, we will provide you with information on the Maldives music and dance. We will brief you on the prominent forms of folk dances and music of Maldives.