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Meemu Atoll is amongst the administrative divisions of the Maldive Islands. Check out cheap hotels and resorts in Meemu Atoll.

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Meemu Atoll Hotels

Meemu Atoll, also known as Mulaku Atoll, is one of the administrative divisions of the Island Nation-Maldives. It has a total of 33 islands of which only 9 are inhabited. The island of Muli serves as its capital. On one of its islands, namely Kolhufushi Island, there is a mosque of historical value. However, no Buddhist remnants have been discovered here. Resembling other atolls of the Maldive islands, Meemu Atoll has many islands that are inhabited and few of them are occupied by the newly opened resorts. Since the area is famous for its spectacular beauty and nature's bounty, people from all parts of the world come here to untangle their stressed-out nerves.

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